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      Products from developing and least developing countries often look unappealing, old fashioned or communicate poor quality. Services are typically described in a direct manner with limited understanding of the emotional and psychological drivers of international buyers. Brand+ raises awareness of the importance of branding and helps enterprises plan and design improved marketing material.

      BRAND+ is composed of different modules, used individually or integrated within a project

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      Brand Awareness

      Learn best practice on brand strategy, design and implementation, adapted to the sector and market.

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      Brand Plan

      Structure a plan that is used to develop designs, communications and product development.

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      Brand Design

      A network of skilled designers develops visual and verbal applications of a brand and its expression.

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      Brand Kit

      Design and produce the marketing collateral associated with the brand design.

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      Brand Protect and Serve

      Registering IP to protect the brand and designing licensing agreements for its application

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      ? Learn from best practice how brands are designed and promoted in international markets

      ? Create a new and attractive look for products that is appealing to international customers

      ? Design communication programmes that attract buyers and generate sales

      ? Use cost effective techniques to register Intellectual Property


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        Nepal: Branding Chyangra Pashmina

        For the producers of Nepal Pashmina, ITC developed a promotional brochure, used to present the sector to potential buyers. ITC researched the positioning of the sector and worked with a network of designers online to select the best format for promotional material. Developed in less than a month from start to finish, the brochure has been successfully used at trade fairs in the US and beyond.

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        Myanmar: national tourism branding

        In Myanmar ITC is developing a national tourism branding strategy, and its interpretation for regional tourism.

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        Brand Aware E-learning

        ITC delivers learning on best practices in branding through classroom, field visit and online approaches.

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